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The General Management of BSICTG Côte d'Ivoire is pleased to inform you of the forthcoming opening of the agencies of Marcory Residential and Abidjan MALL.
BSICTG is a specialist financial services group which makes loans, trades securities and provides advice and investment management solutions to a wide range of clients.  BSICTG is a provider of  banking services, asset management and invoice finance for both SMEs and large businesses. Our team of specialists have extensive experience working with businesses in a variety of sectors.  We can offer local and quick decision-making, alongside a personalised service with individually tailored packages and funding solutions that directly meet the needs of your business. Do you need funding for plant, machinery, equipment or transport? The BSIC asset finance products are cost effective, flexible and manageable ways to purchase vital assets with little capital. We can also help you inject cash flow into your business by releasing the value of your current assets. Read More..

Clients at the center of everything we do

Our priority is to customize solutions that align with clients’ strategic interests. We believe in long-term partnerships created uniquely for each client.

Long history in Asia

Our experience navigating Asia’s cultures and customs is unrivaled. We are deeply rooted in Asia with a global footprint, enabling us to operate seamlessly across borders

Integrated global access

With access to over 30+ countries and a presence on major stock exchanges, we connect you to markets East and West

Disciplined entrepreneurship

We seek creative solutions for clients with an acute understanding of the risks involved. Our clients are equipped with a diverse and nimble portfolio placing them well ahead of the market.

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